Collectable Handmade Figures

Unique and affordable collectable figures handmade and hand painted in the UK in finest English pewter. Our diverse range has the tradtional ‘toy soldier’ look and feel to it.


Collectable Handmade Figures

Are you interested in weird and wonderful Victorian urban myths such as Spring-Heeled Jack, the Curse of the Mummy or the diabolical deeds of Jack the Ripper?

Are you fascinated by the men and monsters from the movies of early cinema such as Nosferatu, Count Dracula and Dr Caligari?

What we offer

We offer a unique range of collectable handcrafted figures made from finest English pewter.

Our Collectables:



Our goal is to recreate a gloomy, gas-lit world peopled with characters from ‘Victorian’ myths and nightmares.


Our historical range came to life after a special family holiday to Russia. The first figures created were a set of Tsar Nicholas ll and his son blessing troops at the front. Our recent figures include Kim Jong-Un and goose-stepping female soldiers.

The Figures

Each unique figure is researched, moulded, cast and hand painted in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

We respond to suggestions from our clients and have just created figures of Nosferatu and Bela Lugosi in his defining role of Dracula. If your suggestion leads to a finished figure, you receive the figure for free!

Commissions Service

We can also create figures to order if you have a passion for a particular subject. Quotation available on request. Trade prices can be offered on either of the ranges or the Commissions Service. We are a new, small family business whose imaginative vision is driven by our Creative Director, Anthony Slocombe.



Latest Collection

From the Bench

Happy Christmas 2023

This year is the 50th anniversary of the very frightening British folk horror movie made in 1973 The Wicker Man starring Edward Woodward as a policeman sent to investigate a disappearance on an isolated and remote Scottish island. Our collectors set features...

The day the earth stood still

The masters for the figures of Klaatu and Gort are nearly finished. I'm really pleased how they are turning out and I'm really enjoying making them. Researching the outfit colours for Klaatu is going to be interesting as there are very few resources but I have an...

Who Assassinated President Kennedy?

Our latest set of historical figures will transport you back in time to that fateful day in Dallas on 22nd November 1963. The set includes figures of JFK and Jackie arriving at Love Field, Lee Harvey Oswald, The Assassin on the Grassy Knoll and The...

Plague Doctors

What do you know about Plague Doctors? I only really discovered what they did when a customer suggested I make one at the last London Toy Soldier Show on 30th March. They weren't really doctors. They simply confirmed whether victims of the plague were dead...

Frankenstein’s Monster and his Bride

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's magnificent and iconic novel, I have attempted to breathe life into Victor Frankenstein's monster. Here is the Making of the Monster. Here is the Making of the Monster and his Bride as she...



My latest figure is Fantomas. He’s a master criminal; an anti-hero of French fiction and cinema. I was inspired to create him following a customer’s suggestion at the London Toy Soldier Show in March this year.

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