The Late Queen’s Gentleman at Arms


A superb model depicting the Queens Gentleman at Arms, originally formed in 1509 by king Henry VIII armed with a ceremonial battle axe to protect the Sovereign.


A superb figure depicting the late Queen’s Gentleman at Arms who will march by the side of the Royal gun carriage, bearing the late Queen’s coffin. He is classed as the nearest guard to the Queen. The figure is approximately 54mm in height , and hand made in the finest English Pewter. The gun carriage comes in two parts: the gun carriage and limber. On top of the late Queen’s coffin sits the State Orb and Sceptre and the Queen’s Ceremonial State Crown.

The Gun Carriage measures approximately 210 mm x 40 mm in size. They are made from English pewter and hand painted in the UK and come in a specially designed box.