‘I’ve never won anything before and am so delighted! Thank you so much for allowing this fine set to be a prize in TSC magazine. Your  figures will be a treasured addition to my collection.’

Brent Needham– Winner of a competition in February/March 2018 issue of Toy Soldier Collector Magazine. Tony had donated his Tsar Nicholas ll set of historical figures as a prize.

“Tony’s figures are great and cover some really interesting subjects, whether it’s his Elvis set, Russian themed military figures or his latest venture in to the world of ‘London Gothic’. Tony clearly has a keen eye for detail and is a very accomplished sculptor and painter. Personally I love what Tony is creating and can’t wait to see what he does next!”

Mark Avery, Editor, Toy Soldier Collector magazine (www.toysoldiercollector.com)

“Got a Jack the Ripper model today at the NEC and absolutely love it. Awesome work and a great price! Keep up the good work. “

Killiane Eadon-Allen attended Toy Collector Fair at NEC on 29th April 2018

“I have bought several figures from both of Tony’s ranges. At the last London Show in June Tony reserved a Nosferatu figure for me. I love the detail of it. The figures are also great value for money. I even received a free thank you figure- Fantomas. He was one of my suggestions that has recently joined the “Gothics”. Keep up the good work Tony. “

Keith L. from Kent

“The figures are truly amazing. Even better in person than they looked online -and they were impressive online .“

Chris S. from North Carolina July 2020